Info sessions

Online: Thursday, September 7, 2023, 6 PM. Join us over Zoom.

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Parents: We’ll have a separate breakout for you!

See the adventures we’ve done and what’s coming up this fall! Find out more about spring and summer plans at the info sessions.

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BSA’s national membership fee is $80 per year ($6.67/month). This covers national membership, liability insurance, and nationwide services.

If new to BSA, you’ll also pay a one-time $25 joining fee.

As of August 2023, the crew has no official uniform, so no uniform costs. It may adopt a printed t-shirt later.

We have a robust fundraising system and can help with financial need.

Other situations:

  • Currently a member of another Scout unit: Your membership is free! The national fee is only paid once no matter how many units you’re in.
  • Adult: Your cost is $60/year ($5/month).

Activities are pay-as-you-go.