Our adventures

Up next

2021-2022 planning is around the corner. Here’s is what’s left for 2020-2021:

  • July/August 2021: Nine-day Colorado trip featuring Great Sand Dunes, Mt. Elbert, Capulin Volcano, river rafting, and more!

May 2021: Lake Mineral Wells State Park and Trailway

We went canoeing, biking (not pictured), swimming, and cooked a lot of food.

April 2021: Mini golfing and dinner

We golfed at Another Round, then had dinner nearby.

March 2021: Eisenhower State Park

(Yes, masks were worn during sustained, close contact.)

February 2021: service project

December 2020: cooking contest

October 2020: pumpkin-carving contest

October 2020: AT&T Trail

Yes, we had two October 2020 events. This was the first one.

A note about March – September 2020

The crew paused activities for March 2020 through September 2020 due to COVID-related uncertainty.

February 2020: Fredericksburg, Enchanted Rock, and Inks Lake State Park

January 2020: Bowlounge

December 2019: cooking competition

Another great cooking competition!

November 2019: Roseland Center service project

The crew helped serve Thanksgiving meals at Dallas’s Roseland Community Center.

November 2019: Tejas Caddo District Camporee

We helped with a camporee, which is for Scouts BSA troops and Venturing crews. We ran a capture the flag game for the troops. It was fun because we played all of the troops!

September 2019: Venturing: The Gathering

Laid back campout at Camp Trevor Rees-Jones. We didn’t take enough pictures!

July 2019: Missouri adventure

From our Plato, Missouri farm home base, we canoed, swam, did a service project, visited a military base, got fudge from Uranus (for real), cooked a lot of great meals, and more!

May 2019: Fort Parker State Park campout

This was a really fun campout! Swimming, boating, biking, cooking, cards, soccer, rain storm, and more!

March 2019: Venturing Rendezvous

Venturing Rendezvous, at Camp Wisdom, was a gathering of many crews within several hours of Dallas. (Despite what the pictures show, pistol shooting was only a small part of the event.)

February 2019: horse ride and camping

We went to Camp Trevor Rees-Jones. Day 1 was spent entirely on the horses. We had a great campout.

January 2019: flag project and movie outing

We kicked off our flag project fundraiser and went to a movie!

December 2018: Holiday party

November 2018: Cooking competition

We were attending a shotoout with another crew, but we got rained out again! This last-minute adventure was really fun.

October 2018: Tyler State Park

This one got rained out. We were supposed to do mountain biking.

September 2018: Kickoff

Our first meeting as a crew.